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How does Mortgage Switcheroo work?

Switching your buy-to-let mortgage. What’s holding you back?

Do you feel that you’re paying too much for your buy-to-let mortgage? As landlords, we have to watch our outgoings carefully and if a rental property is mortgaged, monthly mortgage repayments are typically the largest single monthly cost – and that has a big impact on our yield, especially with the recent mortgage interest tax relief changes.

So why not remortgage? Well, it’s not that simple is it? Perhaps your circumstances have changed, maybe you’re worried that your proof of income won’t stack up in an application? Do you really want another credit check? To organize the valuation, you’ll need to get the tenants onboard and then hope that the survey delivers a favorable value. And then there’s the endless form filling and admin. It’s understandable why you might think you’re better off staying with your current mortgage deal – and that’s what many landlords do. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Switcheroo buy-to-let mortgage switching with Product Transfers

There is a way to reduce you monthly outgoings and increase your yield without the legal paperwork, fees and admin of a remortgage. In the industry, this is known as a ‘Product Transfer’. Read on to find how Switcheroo can help you easily switch to a new mortgage product and earn a cashback payment…
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Product Transfers help you switch your buy-to-let mortgage with your current provider without the typical headaches of a remortgage

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If your current buy-to-let mortgage deal is coming to an end, or your already on your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR), you’ll probably want to look for a better a deal. You might look to switch your mortgage to a new lender… but that has some problems. Valuations, proof-of-income, fees etc. That’s known as a remortgage.

What is a product transfer?

A product transfer is when you move from your existing buy-to-let mortgage to a new deal with your existing lender. It’s a lesser known option which can be a good alternative to remortgaging because there is less red tape involved.

Why should you choose to do a product transfer?

Avoid valuations, proof-of-income and paperwork… And lower your monthly repayments of course!
Typically, buy-to-let product transfers are simpler, faster and less costly for landlords.

What are the reasons not to choose a product transfer?

There are 2 mains reasons…
1. Your current lender does not offer a competitive, alternative product to transfer to

2. You want to change the terms of your mortgage – i.e. you want to borrow more

But, if your happy with your existing loan amount, why not let Switcheroo help you with a product transfer?
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Why Switcheroo? Get cashback when you transfer your buy-to-let mortgage

So why do you need Switcheroo’s help? In truth, you could talk to your provider directly and organize the product transfer yourself. But you’ll miss out on some big advantages…

Optimise your property income in 3 easy steps

Lower your monthly repayments.

Increase your rental yield.

Just tell us a few details about you and your current mortgage
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2. We’ll give you your best mortgage switching options

We look to find you the best deal with your current mortgage provider
Get cahsback

3. You switch, get cashback and save money

We then switch your mortgage for you, completely hassle free
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